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March 19th 2024
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Daily fantasy sports is a popular betting option for players, especially among sports fans. Daily fantasy sports betting offers contests where players can enjoy a season-long series, but it breaks down the season into smaller formats. Participate in daily contests for quick points results to hopefully beat out your friends and other competition.

I'll explain how daily fantasy sports work and where you can start building your teams and making your picks.

What Is Daily Fantasy Sports?

Competing in daily fantasy sports is simple. Draft a player roster, and the athletes you choose will earn points based on their performance during games.

Watch as your players earn points, and then track your team online or via an app. You can check the results after a game ends to see if you have won or placed in a paying position within a contest.

Best Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Sites

Below, we offer a list of the best daily fantasy sports betting sites on the market today. Join one or all of these operators to compete in DFS events with plenty of contests to pick from!


Launched in 2015, PrizePicks has gained steam since rebranding in 2023, offering players a top-rated mobile and desktop DFS experience. The brand operates in iOS and Android devices, with options for contests in several markets, including football, baseball, basketball, eSports and more. The brand includes a quality signup offer and specializes in Pick’em style contests.


Established in 2012, DraftKings is an old-school option for daily fantasy sports. Members of DraftKings can access several popular game types, including Best Ball, Salary Cap, and Pick’em. The brand has a super-high rating on iOS and Android devices, with seamless mobile gaming. DraftKings also has a casino and sportsbook for those interested in expanding their playing options beyond DFS.

Join today to experience all DK has to offer, including its showdown-style single-game contests.


FanDuel launched even earlier than DraftKings, in 2009, to provide quality daily fantasy sports betting. The brand includes DFS contests across all popular sports, with several types featured within the platform. FanDuel is connected to its sportsbook and casino in many states so that players can access all gaming options within a single platform.

Sleeper Fantasy

Sleeper Fantasy began offering contests in 2017 and has been a top-rated platform ever since. The brand has a high mobile rating among app users and provides a seamless approach to Pick’em contests and other event types. Sleeper's unique scores and news app provide additional information for members to easily make smart decisions during rooster picks.

Underdog Fantasy

Battle Royale, Pick’em, and Best Ball are among the most popular DFS game types featured at Underdog Fantasy. The site is relatively new, having launched in 2020. The app is the best way to make your picks, with a solid welcome bonus giving new members a larger bankroll for gaming.

How to Choose the Best DFS Site

Because Daily Fantasy Sports have gained in popularity over the past few years, there are plenty more options to choose from besides the classic DraftKings and FanDuel platforms. Now, there are many more operators in the sector offering premium DFS services, so how do you make your pick?

You want to find a DFS site that works best for you. Are you concerned with salary cap games? If so, you want to join sites that have better cap limits, so you have more to spend on your roster. Review a few of the top sites to see how much you can use to plan your team.

Additional Factors to Consider Include:

  • Rules: Be sure to read the rules of the contests you want to play to ensure they are to the player.

  • Contest Types: Review the contest types of an operator to find options you wish to participate in.

  • Signup Bonus: What type of signup bonus can you earn as a new player? Does the offer have value?

  • Customer Service: How do you reach customer support? Is live chat available?

  • Rewards System: Does the site include a reward system where you can earn additional incentives for your gameplay?

  • App: Is there an app you can use for gaming or mobile web browsers?

  • Payment Options: What are your payment options? Are there fees associated with deposits or withdrawals?

Consider these factors when searching for a DFS site, and you will easily be able to find a site that will work for your gaming needs.

How to Sign Up to a DFS Site

  • Select one of the DFS sites on our list.

  • Click the Sign-Up or Join Now button.

  • Fill out the registration form with your email, name, and other personal details.

  • Verify your account information, and you are logged in.

  • Once logged in to your account, you can select a contest and draft players.

  • Make your picks and watch as the players earn points that hopefully help you to win the matchup.

Payment Options for DFS Players

The methods approved by DFS sites are typically similar to those used by online casino sites or sports books. Below, you will find common options for deposits and withdrawals. Make sure the options available with a provider meet your financial needs.

Deposit Methods

  • Credit Card

  • Debit Card

  • Apple Pay

  • Online Banking

  • PayPal

Withdrawal Methods

  • Online Banking

  • PayPal

Pros & Cons of Daily Fantasy Sports Betting

Like any platform that provides a betting experience, you will always have pros, as well as some cons.


Small Buy-ins with Big Prize Potential

DFS events have smaller buy-ins and can be very lucrative. Some prize pools can reach $1 million and top finishers can earn a hefty payday.

Odds Are Not Essential

When betting at a sportsbook, it’s all about the odds. In DFS, you don’t have to worry about odds as much, as it’s more about the players you select for your lineup. Prices are set daily, so you do not have to worry about fluctuations.

Individual Performances are Key

DFS is all about individual performance. You don’t have to worry about a team's wins or losses, but more so about how your players perform.


Highly Competitive

DFS contests are not easy, and other competitors can be tough to beat. Players that do well will use their profits to enter more contests, making the competition even more fierce.

Field Size of GPPS

Because GPPs are so lucrative, the field size can be quite large. This makes it much harder to finish at the top to earn a piece of the guaranteed prize pool.

Small Margin for Error

DFS contests are so competitive that there is a limited margin for error. If one player has an off day, you may lose out on prize money.

How to Play Daily Fantasy Sports

DFS contests are relatively easy to enter. Below, we will provide the basic steps on how to join a DFS contest. Most operators also offer how-to sections, so you can view the process based on the type of contest you are joining.

  • Start by logging in to your DFS account at sites like DraftKings or PrizePicks.

  • Review the lobby to see the available contests. This is a specific competition you will use your lineup to compete in for prizes. You can sort your options by prizes, contest type, and sport.

  • Once you have selected a contest, you must draft your lineup of players. There are salary cap contests to be aware of, so you have a fictional amount of money to use when selecting players.

    • Each eligible player has a salary, so you will need to stay in your budget to pick your players.

  • After your lineup is selected, submit it for the contest.

  • Now, watch as your players accumulate points during the actual sports games. Track your team during an event to see them earn points in real-time.

  • Once the contest ends, you can check the results and see if you have won or earned a paying position. Any prizes you win will be added to your bankroll.

Available Sports on DFS Sites

Keep in mind that the options will vary depending on which DFS provider you select. Below are just examples of categories you can access via operators.

  • NFL

  • NCAA Football

  • MLB

  • NBA

  • NHL

  • PGA

  • Men's & Women's Tennis

  • NCAA Basketball

  • WNBA

  • CSGO

  • Formula 1

  • UFC

  • Lacrosse

  • League of Legends

  • LIV Golf

  • CoD

  • Rocket League

  • English Premier League

  • NCAA Baseball

  • La Liga

  • UEFA

  • Bundesliga‍

  • International Soccer Tournaments

  • Olympic and World Cup competitions in 10+ sports

  • Frisbee Golf


  • Cricket

  • Korean Baseball

  • Jai Alai

  • Competitive Eating (Hot Dog Eating Contest)

  • NBA Summer League

DFS Game Types

If you are new to daily fantasy sports, you may need clarification on how the process works, including game types. Below we have listed a few game categories to give you an idea of what to expect.


With a one-on-one competition, this option allows you to face a single opponent at a set buy-in. The higher-scoring team wins the cash prize, making this a simple option for beginner DFS players. This option makes it easy to become accustomed to a DFS site interface and player pricing based on the salary cap.

50/50s (Double-Ups)

50/50s, also known as a Double-Up, are essentially a larger version of head-to-head games. The contest can have a field size of tens of thousands of contestants. The players who finish in the top half of the 50/50 split will earn a prize, almost doubling their entry fee. The house takes a small cut, but players can still earn a nice payout via this contest option.


If you want to explore an option similar to 50/50s, then pick the multipliers contest. The difference is that less than half the field earns a prize, and the winners earn exactly double the buy-in. You can also find Triple-ups, which allow you to earn even more cash, with one-third of the field receiving a prize for a top finish.

Guaranteed Prize Pools

Playing for big money means entering a GPP or Guaranteed Prize Pool event. The games can pay out handsomely, sometimes up to $1 million for winners. Most events will allow players to have multiple entries, while some may be restricted to one per player. This option is a top pick as the prize is guaranteed, regardless of whether all available contest spots are activated.


This type of contest is a smaller option with fewer players involved. This more customized contest can be more rewarding if you finish on top.

Qualifiers and Satellites

Players can earn a ticket to another tournament or event in this type of contest. Win and move on to another contest for even more prize potential.


This type of contest is unique as it focuses on a single game. Hence, the name showdown. It’s a perfect way to showcase your sports knowledge and skills by selecting a top-notch roster.

Where Can I Play Daily Fantasy Sports?

  1. Alabama

  2. Alaska

  3. Arizona

  4. Arkansas

  5. California

  6. Colorado

  7. Connecticut

  8. Delaware

  9. Washington D.C.

  10. Florida

  11. Georgia

  12. Illinois

  13. Indiana

  14. Iowa

  15. Kansas

  16. Kentucky

  17. Louisiana

  18. Maine

  19. Maryland

  20. Massachusetts

  21. Michigan

  22. Minnesota

  23. Mississippi

  24. Missouri

  25. Nebraska

  26. New Hampshire

  27. New Jersey

  28. New Mexico

  29. New York

  30. North Carolina

  31. North Dakota

  32. Ohio

  33. Oklahoma

  34. Oregon

  35. Pennsylvania

  36. Rhode Island

  37. South Carolina

  38. South Dakota

  39. Tennessee

  40. Texas

  41. Utah

  42. Vermont

  43. Virginia

  44. West Virginia

  45. Wisconsin

  46. Wyoming

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