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April 15th 2024
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Here's How You Can Win Real Money Playing Online Casino Games for Free

Follow our step-by-step instructions to get:

  • 204 Free Coins Today
  • 150 More Free Coins After 1 Month $354 REDEMPTION VALUE OF FREE COINS

(Of course, you could win way more, or nothing at all, but it’s all free. That’s why this is America's fastest-growing side hustle.

Online casinos don’t expect you to do this, but they literally cannot stop you

Yeah it seems a bit shady, but it isn’t & here’s why;

Play WhoopsBoom laying on a bench holding a check with the amount of money he won playing casino games online.

There’s a certain type of online casino that’s legal nationwide except for a few states.

Peeps from GA, ID, MI, and WA, sorry, this is not for you.

You have to be 18 or older.

As you know, online casinos are illegal in 46 States,

However, these 11 are legal.

To be clear, you can win real money on these sites.

Due to a really specific loophole, they’re 100% legal.

As long as they give players a free method of getting credits to play games on their site, they can let people redeem real cash prizes from their play.

The sneaky thing is that these companies don’t advertise these free credits because they also offer people a way to pay money to play their games.

Tiffany B. holding a check with the amount of money she won playing casino games online.

They want you to spend money to play, because, well, they’re a business.

But their business is only legal because they offer a secret way for anyone to play for free.

If you want to purchase coins to support their business, then by all means, do it.

But continue reading if you want to learn how to play for free every day.

  1. 1. Free Coins When You Sign Up

The first thing these sites are required to offer is free play when you first sign up without making a purchase.

It’s not straight-forward how to get the coins to play with.

So listen up.

The most common things you have to do are;

  • Verify your email
  • Opt-in to receive marketing emails
  • Verify your phone number
  • Opt-in to receive SMS messages
  • Connect your Facebook Account

We have a list of 15 sites offering a total of 204 free coins in the signup process.

You can get them right now.

That’s like being given $204 in free play.

You can claim it right now.

(If you play these 204 coins and win 204 (breakeven), you can redeem them for $204.)

You MUST click the GET BONUS links below to activate the maximum free coins amount from each site.

(In some cases, we may be compensated - look at it as a thank you from you to us for putting you onto this!)


  1. 2. Hidden Daily Login Bonus For Existing Players

The next thing you can do to get free play that you can use to win real cash is finding the daily login bonus. Here's a list of the 11 sites offering a daily login bonus for existing players.

If you claim them all every day, you can get over $2,000 worth of coins to play with every year.

If you play slots, you could turn those 2,000 free coins into tens of thousands of dollars.

Meanwhile, you haven't spent a cent.

[Daily Login Bonus table]

Most of these sites make you claim the daily bonus instead of adding it to your balance automatically.


Log in, go to the account section, then the promotions section - you'll normally find "daily login bonus" there and you'll need to click anywhere from 1-4 times to get the coins added to your balance.

  1. 3. Mail-In Postal Request Form

You may have seen people talking about this on TikTok “Send Postcards for free money”

Well, yeah, it’s legit.

Every one of these sites is required by law to give free coins to people who mail in a postal request as long as those people follow the specific instructions.

Here are some examples of what you have to do.

You can get anywhere from 1-5 additional free coins per day per site by doing this.

Overall, sweepstakes casinos navigate the legal landscape by structuring their operations in a way that aligns with sweepstakes laws and regulations. So yes, they are completely legal, and 100% safe.

With these sweeps coins you can win real cash prizes. And I mean tens of thousands of dollars. There are some of the recent winners posted on sweeps casinos sites listed in this article.

Kate W. holding a check with the amount of money she won playing casino games online.

Now that you’re ready to play. Click on the offers here to get 204 in free sweeps coins and start playing for free today. Don’t miss your chance to win big on the house

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