NFL Fan Bases With the Most Taylor Swift Fans, Plus Travis Kelce Future Bets

NFL Fan Bases With the Most Taylor Swift Fans, Plus Travis Kelce Future Bets
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Updated: February 12th 2024

Here’s something fun and breezy for your fall Friday leading up to NFL Week 4.

The media storm that has rapidly formed into a hurricane force of two of the most powerful people around the country will only get stronger this weekend.

Forget about thinking about approaching tropical storms Rita and Philippe.

How can you concentrate on anything other than Swelce?

Or is it Traylor? Tayvis? Double-Tee Swift? Tay-K?

Swiftce? Kelswift?

The options are endless, but obviously, everyone’s eyes – Mother Nature be damned (sorry, mama) – are on the budding relationship between Taylor Swift (I’m unfamiliar) and Travis Kelce (same).

Oh, right. So you’re saying that successful, rich, famous, talented stars like to form some of power couple relationship?

No way? Get out!

Here’s the deal: America’s celebrity-obsessed culture will be following this gossip-fueled convertible car ride until its final destination: Break-Up City or Marriageville.

I don’t see it going any other way and eventually, I’ll bet the long-distance relationship stretches take their toll.

Can you bet on that? Don’t be silly, because of course you can.

Just poke around and find out.

The romance rumors will continue this weekend as Swift is scheduled to attend the Chiefs-Jets game at MetLife Stadium in New York.

Yeah, there will be zero paparazzi and security around that scene, huh?

Even for NYC, that’s going to be wild and crazy.

Here’s what’s happened since last weekend, per ESPN:

“Kelce's jersey sales spiked nearly 400%, according to Fanatics. He moved up into the top five-selling jerseys on Sunday.

The buzz has continued all week long. At Caesars Sportsbook, the line opened at -8.5 for Kansas City's next game against the New York Jets on Sunday night. That has already been bet up a full point to -9.5, and I wouldn't be shocked if it moves past that when the public starts betting more heavily (this) weekend.”

Let’s first look at BetOnline’s research for which NFL fan bases have the most Swifties.

Here is the breakdown (ex. 22.31% of Chiefs Facebook/Instagram followers also follow Swift):

Chiefs:               22.31%

Titans:               19.28%

Cowboys:          18.91%

49ers:                 18.46%

Rams:                17.62%

Chargers:          16.65%

Colts:                 15.84%

Buccaneers:      15.66%

Falcons:             15.44%

Texans:               14.66%

Cardinals:          14.29%

Bengals:             13.64%

Browns:              13.27%

Jaguars:           13.09%

Broncos:           12.92%

Raiders:            12.49%

Giants:              12.13%

Panthers:          12.05%

Jets:                  11.51%

Seahawks:        11.48%

Saints:               11.33%

Dolphins:          10.55%

Lions:                10.34%

Patriots:            10.28%

Vikings:             9.06%

Bears:                8.47%

Eagles:              8.43%

Bills:                  8.03%

Packers:            7.22%

Ravens:             7.03%

Commanders:   6.39%

Steelers:            5.09%


The Chiefs are at the top of the chart. Duh.

However, it is a bit surprising that Swift, who was born (December 13, 1989) and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania until she and her family moved to Tennessee when she was 14, would have so few followers by Steelers and Eagles fans.

Oh well. I’m certain she doesn’t care. This spring she sold out two shows in Steel City and three in Philly.

But back to Kelce.

Caesars Sportsbook, one of our favorite sites, along with many other great gambling sites in the U.S., including DraftKings Sportsbook, BetMGM, and more, has a link on its home page just for Kelce Specials.

And you can also check out and claim Betway's latest Ohio promotions.

That’s where we are and these are your options for Sunday’s game against the Jets.

FanDuel Sportsbook’s Kelce Specials (Chiefs @ Jets Game)

FriENDZONE: Travis Kelce to NOT Score a TD +105

Top of the Charts: Travis Kelce to have the Most Receiving Yards in the Game +140

Seeing Red: Chiefs to Win by 22 or more points +380

Opening Act: Travis Kelce First TD Score +400

Running Away Together: Chiefs to have 150-plus Total Rushing Yards +420

Seemingly Ranch: Travis Kelce Last TD Scorer +500

Plot Twist: Zach Wilson to have 300+ Passing Yards +1800

Platinum Performance: Travis Kelce to Score 3+ TDs +2500

Exes & 0s: NY Jets to Score 0 Total Points +3000

Of all of these prop bets, I like Kelce to score the first touchdown at +4000.

Get the hype and buzz out of the way early, I say.

Next week, we’ll look at long-term future prop bets that involve Kelce’s final regular season stats … unless he simply decides to retire after Sunday’s game and becomes a Swiftie roadie.

Don’t worry. There will be odds for marriage and that propositions and others soon.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend with safe responsible wagering at the best online sportsbooks.

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