What Is RTP In An Online Casino? How Return To Player (RTP) Value Works

What Is RTP In An Online Casino? How Return To Player (RTP) Value Works
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Updated: January 17th 2024

An RTP in gambling is an acronym referring to “return to player”, meaning the expected payout amount of a player’s wagers over time. It’s sometimes also known as “percent return to player” because it’s usually quantified as the percentage of monetary winnings that a specific game returns to the player.

RTP is often used by online casinos as a metric to gauge the total return value of winnings poured out by any given betting juice the player pours in, which is literally the case with games like slots (which is where RTP figures are most commonly used).

Just as different types of betting odds are used by online sportsbooks as a multiplier with the stake & a way of denoting the potential payout of a given wager, RTP’s are used as numbers indicating the overall multiplier behind a given stake. Here’s what you should understand about understanding how these multipliers work.

How To Calculate RTP Casino Value

Beyond being a multiplier signifying your potential winnings, return to player percentage is also a figure that stands ostensibly opposite to the house advantage. For instance, if you were playing slot games labeled to have a 90% RTP, then that would mean that the house would hold a 10% probability advantage over the player.

Ultimately the house holds an edge regardless of whatever game you’re playing at an offline or online casino for real money, but it’s helpful to understand how RTP contrasts with the house odds so you can decide for yourself whether or not the wager you’re being presented is a risk worth taking.

As for how RTP would be used as a multiplier for your winnings, it’s pretty straightforward. Harkening back to that 90% RTP slot game example, if you wagered $1 on a slot game with that RTP level, you could potentially win up to $90 on a single wager!

Another value you’ll want to be mindful of when playing Chumba Casino slots (which you can now play with 2 free sweeps tokens on us) is the hit frequency percentage. Hit frequency refers to the probability of a slot spin landing on a winning combination. For instance, if a slot machine or online slot game was only listed at a 10% hit frequency, then that means you can expect fairly risky odds nine times out of ten.

Don’t irresponsibly overspend on these slots; it’s best to just use them in careful moderation, and with free online slots no deposit promos or first deposit match bonus promos.

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